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Festival of Control

Opening on March 24 at 19.00 at CCHA Hasselt (Belgium) with OJAI performance NATIONAL DAY OF LISTS AND INVENTORY with Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, Francis Alys, Meme Bartels, Ruben Bellinkx, Roelien Brink, Stefan Brüggemann, Guy Cassiers, Constant Dullaart, Fischli & Weiss, Kendell Geers, Maarten Inghels, Matthew Leifheit & Cynthia Talmadge, Ariane Loze, Taus Makhacheva, Simon […]

OJAI January Broadcast

The new year’s broadcast features the Yugoton label from 70/80s Socialist Federal Republik of Yugoslavia. Image: Ivo Eterovic


Sat Nov 3  19.00 at GOLD + BETON, Ebertplatz Passage, Köln/Cologne Baumusik features in our OJAI December Broadcast Image: OJAI tunnel lottery


Feat. DJ Ansgar Wilken for Sonic Assembly at Kuzu FM, Denton, Texas OJAI radio broadcasts Image: Ansgar Wilken, still from his video for Datashock

OJAI at Gold+Beton

Groupshow opening on Oct 12, till Nov 3 2018 Gold+Beton Image: Still from OJAI tunnel video PTS


Group show at Estudio Pablo De Lillo in Oviedo, Spain, Sept 6 till Oct 4 2018 with Bert Didillo, Chris Dreier, Wolfgang Flad, Klaus-Martin Treder, Alice Musiol, Jürgen Palmtag, Gary Farrelly, Julia Zinnbauer, Isabel Kerkermeier Image: Dungeness III, pinhole photo, Chris Dreier 2014


The OJAI performs the ALTERNATIVE FACTS LOTTERY  on Sept 23 at I AM DYNAMIT (Symposium), Fringe Festival, Dublin THE COMPLEX Sept 26 2018: WHITE PAPER ON THE ABOLITION OF PEDESTRIAN TUNNELS at AIR Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium Image: Julia Zinnbauer


CONCERT  Ex-Die Tödliche Doris (Chris Dreier, Wolfgang Müller) feat. Julia Zinnbauer DJ: Ansgar Wilken Thursday/Do 19. July 2018 at 19.00  at Valentin Stüberl, Donaustrasse 112, Berlin Neukölln SECOND PRESSING OF „SPRECHPAUSE“ OUT NOW Image: TD Autogrammkarte 1981