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OJAI January Broadcast

The new year’s broadcast features the Yugoton label from the 70/80s Socialist Federal Republik of Yugoslavia. On air on Jan 6 2019 at Kuzu Fm and on our radio page. https://jointintelligence.org Image: Ivo Eterovic

OJAI Dez Broadcast

In December the OJAI introduced the Cologne-based label BAUMUSIK founded a.o.by Meryem Erkus from Gold+Beton. https://www.mixcloud.com/JOINTINTELLIGENCE/


Sat Nov 3  19.00 at GOLD + BETON, Ebertplatz Passage, Köln/Cologne Image: OJAI Sud, Dallas Pedestrian Tunnel System, postcard  


Feat. DJ Ansgar Wilken for Sonic Assembly (with Reid Robinson and Mark Ridlen), Kuzu FM, Denton, Texas https://www.mixcloud.com/JOINTINTELLIGENCE/ Image: Ansgar Wilken, from his video for Datashock

OJAI at Gold+Beton

Groupshow opening on Oct 12, till Nov 3 2018 http://goldundbeton.de/wordpress/bau036-a-groupshow-from-antwerp-by-baumusik/ Image: Videostill, OJAI Tunnel video  


Group show at Estudio Pablo Delillo in Oviedo, Spain with Bert Didillo, Chris Dreier, Wolfgang Flad, Klaus-Martin Treder, Alice Musiol, Jürgen Palmtag, Gary Farrelly, Julia Zinnbauer, Isabel Kerkermeier Sept 6 until Oct 4 2018 https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=estudiopablodelillo Image: „Dungeness III“ Chris Dreier, 2014


THE OJAI PERFORMS THE „THE ALTERNATIVE FACTS LOTTERY“ IN DUBLIN On Sept 23, 18.00 at I AM DYNAMIT (Symposium) https://www.thecomplex.ie/events/i-am-dynamite?attachment_id=939 Followed by „WHITE PAPER ON THE ABOLITION OF PEDESTRIAN TUNNELS“ at AIR, Antwerp, Belgium on Sept 26 Image: Julia Zinnbauer


CONCERT  Ex-Die Tödliche Doris (Chris Dreier, Wolfgang Müller) feat. Julia Zinnbauer      DJ: Ansgar Wilken Thursday/Do 19. July 2018 at 19.00  at Valentin Stüberl, Donaustrasse 112, Berlin Neukölln SECOND PRESSING OF „SPRECHPAUSE“ OUT NOW http://www.fangbomb.com/shop/die-todliche-doris-sprechpause Image: TD Autogrammkarte 1981  

Europa Zentral Lemberg ЄВРОПА ЦЕНТРАЛЬНА, Львів

Groupshow in Lemberg/Lviv, Ukraine, at Zefirina Artspace from 14.7.- 20.8. 2018 Кріс Драйєр, Алєкос Гофстеттер, Гартмут Ян, Франк Ломеєр, Наталя Мисак, Григорій Семенчук With Chris Dreier, Alekos Hostetter, Hartmut Jahn, Frank Lohmeyer, Natalia Mysak, Grigory Semenchuk https://www.facebook.com/zefirinaart/ Image: Chris Dreier „Bus Terminal Lviv“, pinhole photo, 2017