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May and June feature author D.Holland-Moritz followed by a Berlin 80s underground special. Sonic Assembly

OJAI April Broadcast

First of April is the OJAI’s first International Day of Lists and Inventory IDLI. Now on http://jointintelligence.org/radio https://www.kuzu.fm/programs/2017/8/20/sonic-assembly  

OJAI March Broadcast

For our monthly radio feature for Kuzu Fm’s Sonic Power Hour we invited Irish artist Sophie Iremonger to read an extract from her cookbook: „War and Beef“ („An Eating“ published by Coda Press) Image: Chris Dreier, meat stillife, oil on canvas, 2005

OJAI February Broadcast

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence has moved its Southern headquarters from Bureau 304 to the 25th floor of the Worldtrade Centre in Brussels. To commemorate this historic development we like to introduce you to our new advanced performative telephone system. http://jointintelligence.org/radio


Record release – Pausenmusik / music for breaks by Chris Dreier and Wolfgang Müller www.fangbomb.com SPEX https://www.thewire.co.uk/ Nonpop https://exclaim.ca/music/article/die_t_dliche_doris-sprechpause

OJAI January Broadcast

In the OJAI’s first broadcast of the year 2018 Irish writer and art historian Padraic E. Moore tells you everything you need to know about the Hi-NRG music genre. http://jointintelligence.org/#radio Plus seven chosen tracks. NOW ON THE OJAI WEBSITE On air in Dallas: Jan 7, 10.00 – 11.55 PM (GMT-5)/ Here: Jan 8, 05.00 – 06.55 AM […]

I SPY I SPY…The OJAI Maastricht Office

Marres Currents #5  DEC 13 at Marres House for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, Holland The OJAI performed at the opening and staged a Bingo game at the finissage. „I spy, I spy a little lie..“ Participating Artists: Henry Andersen, Felix Breidenbach, Alejandro Cerón, Nicholas Hoffman, Aurélie d’Incau, Jesuus, Tim Löhde, Roxanne Maillet, José Montealegre, Ektor Ntourakos, Johanna […]

OJAI December Broadcast

For December the OJAI conducted an interview with writer and filmmaker Julia Zinnbauer about the similarities between Dallas and Düsseldorf. On air in Dallas: Dec 3, 10.00 – 11.55 PM (GMT-5) Here: Dec 4, 05.00 – 06.55 AM (UTC+2) http://www.kuzu.fm/programs/2017/8/20/sonic-assembly