Selected works

Doel Series „Empty House 7“, pinhole photograph, 2012

Doel Series „Empty House 3“, pinhole photograph, 2012

Haus des Reisens, Ultramoderne, pinhole photograph, Berlin 2015

Ronan Point, London, Tapestry, 2016

Tyneside Social Club, pinhole photograph, UK 2004

Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, pinhole photograph, UK 2013

Brussels Series/Finance, pinhole photograph 2015

Dungeness, pinhole photograph, UK 2014

Eisern Union, pinhole photograph, Berlin 2010

Brussels Series/IBM, pinhole photograph, 2016

BAE SYSTEMS, pinhole photograph, UK 2012

EZB, Frankfurt/Finance, pinhole photograph, 2015

Grange Villa Social Club, pinhole photograph, UK 2008

Brussels Series/Finance, Tour de Midi, pinhole photograph, 2016

Lawine 1, Disaster Series, acrylic painting, 2006

Verdun Series, Drahtverhau, pinhole photograph, France 2008

Dallas City Hall, pinhole photograph, USA 2017

Wartha, Infrared pinhole photograph, Poland 2014

Three Graces, Tapestry, 2016

Sparkasse, Series Ultramoderne, pinhole photograph, Wuppertal 2014

Verdun Series „Thiaumont“, pinhole photograph 2009

OJAI on air

Dallas City Hall, Chris Dreier 2017

The Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence is invited to appear as foreign correspondent in Reid Robinson’s local radio show in the Dallas area.

Oct 1, 10.00 – 11.55 PM (GMT-5)
Oct 2, 03.00 – 04.55 AM (UTC+2)


Chris Dreier’s main website still under construction.

OJAI Texas Office

Visit our North-American branch office at 1501 S. Ervay Street, Dallas, TX.

Open until Sept 23. 2017


Chris Dreier + Gary Farrelly

>>Fruit Efficiency <<

Fruit Efficiency is the first Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence exhibition in North America. An OJAI information and research bureau will function as a fusion center for the organisation’s site-specific reconnaissance and psycho cartography. A selection of our postal correspondence- curated around the themes of architecture, finance and disaster will be on display. The organisation’s second annual report will be published and made available for public scrutiny. A bureaucratic performance will take place at the inauguration of the exhibition and will involve administration as seduction, transport infrastructure as music and softly spoken words for management.

The opening is on 26.08.2017 at RO2 Art
1501 South Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75215

August 26 – September 23  2017

A Hard Place

Brussels Series „AXA“, 2017, Chris Dreier


Featuring  Matias Bechtold (DE), Oisin Byrne (IRE/UK), Laure Catugier (DE/FR), Cunningham Architects (TX), Chris Dreier (DE), EVOL (DE), GaryFarrelly (IRE/BE), Dirk Krecker (DE), Pádraic E. Moore (IRE/BE), ScAle Architects(IT), Tannhäuser Tor: Alekos Hofstetter (DE) + Florian Göpfert(DE), Christine Weber (DE), Julia Zinnbauer (DE)

500X Gallery, 500 Exposition Ave. Dallas TX75226, U.S.A.
Aug 19 until Sept 24  2017